Shame is Boring

Recently I started making my own little youtube videos and though I’m still feeling awkward as I learn to navigate a new medium, I am finding it to be a very exciting, raw and direct means of communication and self expression. I feel tremendously excited but also incredibly vulnerable, as I allow my imperfections and awkwardness to be seen.

But I am proud of this video particularly.

4 thoughts on “Shame is Boring

  1. Why do you always manage to post the most relevant posts, that resonate the intense emotional struggles I am having. Thanks for posting Jess and thanks for having the bravery to live your practice as you do. Arohanui ki a koe xxx

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  2. I don’t feel well enough to write. I just need you to know that I stumbled on this after you were referenced in Instagram by Makemorelemonadewithlupus.
    You are so beautiful and so brave. You are exactly what I needed to hear in this moment.


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