Unfolding. I am unfurling. The look in your eyes tells me that can I continue to do so, that you approve, that I am safe. Your words are enthusiastic consent for me to keep on going with this showing of myself to yourself. You tell me I am beautiful and brave. The second compliment means the most and makes the first one stick.

New. That feeling, that thrilling feeling, of discovering someone whose words feel like gifts, whose mind feels like a new country to discover, their body a new territory to traverse. Through this newness and awakeness, one discovers new tastes within themselves such as my love for sending you videos of dancing dappled light and the way I want to mask you in shimmering make-up and then let you have your way with my flesh.

Your strange solitary sweetness touches the deepest parts of me and I find myself perceiving myself as something warm and light and sexy and good. You are moonlight I am sunlight and we both glow so beautiful in appreciation of one another. I feel myself expand with hope, with excitement, with the wonder of realising how little we can ever know about what the future might hold.

I am wet and tense with pent up passion but… but gently. I hope to hold you gently, sweet one, and hope that we might both be kind.

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