I Wonder

I wonder if you were to stand on your head and spread your legs, would I be able to breed mosquito larvae in a stagnant pool of water in your cunt? Would all the blood gone to your head permanently altar the chemistry of your internals? Would you forget your times tables and proper etiquette at the dinner table?

If I stood you up normal ways and kissed you, would you let my tongue inside to taste your last meal or would you block me with your teeth? If I pressed my chest to yours with enough force, would our breasts merge or simply burst? If I put my hand inside your pants, would I find human sized caviar?

If I sung to you, would your body begin to vibrate and hum in response? Would your eyes close as you fell into a dreamless slumber? Would the deep relaxation melt your bones and muscles so that you collapsed to the floor all floppy and soft?

Would you feel it if I squashed your mushy flesh between my toes? Would tears of hurt and sadness fall down your cheeks? Would you remove me from your social media and stop replying to my text messages?

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