Your tone speaks menace
my heartbeat quickens
I’m afraid of you and
addicted to fear I’m
afraid they’ll be
empty threats

hurt me
I silently plead
my body begs

what good is this flesh
without purple red brutality
what point is this mind
without torment and terror


the word slips out
you laugh
you stop

“Remember, this isn’t about you.”

oh fuck I swear I
never forgot it’s just
I just




In Between

In between the
right and wrong
of this and that
is truth

Just below the
rage and fear
of you and me
is grief

Right inside the
hurt and hate
of wounded hearts
is love

a little less

(Note: This was written for a desktop and formats badly on a mobile phone.)

Maybe I could try a little harder to be a little less
suck in that gut pin up that skin oil those surgery scars but
the makeup can’t conceal the way recent trauma aged me
and I can’t always avoid eye-contact

What I could just do is speak a little softer
less opinions whining contradictions and fuck shit cunt words
the problem’s that the stuff piles up under my tongue then
spews out sudden dishevelled tangles of my truths

Perhaps I should take my clothes off less often
stop the cock sucking pussy licking arse bruising and forgetting
who I’ve fucked blurred boundaries are my comfort zones the
bearable lightness of being spread wide open

It could be that I’m tacky for loving in multiples
spreading my too much too thin too many partners a gluttonous
abundance needy greedy helpless I just can’t shut love up by
covering my ears and screaming only one name

Maybe I could try a little harder to be a little less
or maybe I just need a bigger house.

The world is not your oyster

The world is not your oyster
its flesh wasn’t made for you
to greedily slide into your mouth
and mindlessly consume

that girl is not your chattel
her form wasn’t made for you
to thrust yourself inside her skin
and violently abuse

those folk are not your servants
their homes were not made for you
to conquer with cold laws and guns
and silence their world views

that land is not your birthright
those woods were not made for you
to plunder with your steel machines
and utterly denude

the world is not your oyster
to mindlessly consume
in your castle built on bodies
of those fallen under you

the world is not your oyster
and as your fragile ego quakes
and the ocean drowns our people
we all pay for your mistakes