I’m a visual artist and performer who has struggled with thoracic outlet syndrome for eight years. All I want to do is paint, draw, take photos and make things with my hands but my disability and chronic pain limit my capacity for doing what I adore most.

This blog is a creative and emotional outlet for me as well as a place to simply document the things I am currently thinking about – I voice dictate so that I do not hurt my hands. I write about my struggles with chronic pain, disability and mental illness. I also write about my experiences with BDSM, polyamory, love, life,  secular Buddhism, the universe, everything. Recently, I am becoming increasingly preoccupied with the current climate crisis so expect to be writing more and more on that profoundly pressing issue.

I challenge myself to be as open as I possibly can about my experiences, thoughts and opinions so that others might feel less alone but this means that some of my posts go to pretty dark places. Light and dark, life and death. The acutely painful, acutely beautiful and the profoundly mundane. The squalid is sublime and Buddha is a dried shit-stick.

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